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Frequently Asked Questions

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What organizations are eligible to do a PopKorn Fundraiser?

Our focus at PopKorn Kernels With A Twist is to support non-profit organizations. These include 501c3, schools, religious, and other charitable organizations. Fill out this brief information form, and someone from the PopKorn Crew will get in touch with you. You will be required to provide proof of organization, and we will verify before you may begin fundraising with PopKorn Kernels With A Twist. 

Can I fundraise without an organization?

Our goal is to support local communities with our PopKorn fundraiser. Therefore, if you are an individual representing a 501c3 or other eligible organization, as indicated above, you will still be required to show proof of organization. We will verify the documentation before you receive fundraising materials. 

After my organization has been approved, when can we get started?

You may begin your PopKorn fundraiser once you received approval from us. 


If you are doing the online fundraiser, you will receive a unique URL to give your supporters so they may order online.

Should you also desire to have a brochure fundraiser, we will send paper brochures within ten days of your approval.


Please plan your desired start date accordingly. 

Once we finish collecting orders, when can we expect to receive our PopKorn?

We will ship/deliver your PopKorn 14 days after receiving all payments for your order(s). Holidays and unexpected delays by the shipping provider may delay your order. We will notify you of these situations outside of the control of PopKorn Kernels With A Twist. 


Supporters who place orders on your unique PopKorn fundraising website will pay securely using a credit/debit card or Paypal.


If your organization uses the PopKorn Brochure Fundraising program, you will receive instructions about securely sending PopKorn your order forms and payment. FYI, paying by credit/debit card is the fastest way for the PopKorn Crew to process your order(s). Should you opt to pay using a company check or ACH, let us know. Orders will be processed once the bank has cleared all payments. 


If your organization has opted to do both online fundraising and brochure fundraising simultaneously, all payments must be rendered for both types (of fundraisers) before the orders will be processed. 

When will we receive our fundraising proceeds?

Once the PopKorn fundraiser has ended, you will receive proceeds by ACH within five days of confirmed payment for orders. We will provide instructions to advise you on how to send us your ACH banking information securely. 

My organization has funds need quickly approaching. Can we do the PopKorn fundraiser in an expedited manner?

The PopKorn Crew makes our delicious popcorn fresh to order. Therefore, we will not begin producing your PopKorn until the fundraiser has ended and all payments have been collected/cleared. Timeframe to receiving orders is approximately 14 days.

Please plan your fundraising date accordingly. 

NOTE: Holidays and shipping delays, outside of the control of PopKorn Kernels with A Twist, may delay receipt of your order. 

Additional Questions?
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