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Get ready for a truly indulgent snacking experience with our classic Butter PopKorn. Each kernel is carefully hand-popped to perfection and full of rich, mouthwatering buttery flavor. Perfect for any occasion, whether it's movie night or a snack, Butter PopKorn satisfies your cravings for something simple yet delicious. It's the ultimate comfort food, so don't settle for anything less, treat yourself to the perfect comfort snack that will never go out of style with our classic Butter PopKorn.


  • Popcorn, refined coconut oil, soybean oil, beta carotene, salt, natural and artificial flavor, beta carotene (color).

    Allergen information
    Produced in a factory that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, wheat,
    dairy and soy.                                                                      




Popcorn Produced and Packaged at PopKorn Kernels With A Twist
122 S College Ave. Bloomington, IN  47404

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